Our Vision

Psalm 95:1 says that “the whole earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.”  If that’s the case, then shouldn’t we be able to find the fingerprints of the divine in everything we put our hands to?  In every patch of earth upon which our feet tread?

We believe so.  And that’s why our vision for this community of faith is that we would create an awareness to the presence of God that we believe is all around us.

The presence of God that is
In every breath,
Every conversation,
Every step we take.

So we want to invite you to be part of this journey with us.  This journey to a greater awareness of the God who we believe is always present and inviting us to open our eyes and become aware of what he is up to in the world.

Great, so how are you attempting to do this?

Glad you asked.

Ongoing exploration.  Because we all have questions.  We all wrestle and doubt and have struggles.  We all have these experiences that fit outside the boxes that we create to contain our view of God.  And so we are constantly learning and growing and exploring and wrestling.

Authentic community.  Because we need each other.  We all find ourselves dragging things around with us.  And community gives us the strength to embrace whatever life throws our way.  Community gives us the courage to deal honestly with where we find ourselves.

Selfless serving.  Because we have been called to follow the example of Jesus.  We have been called to be a people who, like our Savior, are being poured out and broken for the healing of this world.

Relational reconciliation.  Because we all find ourselves from time to time in a world that often feels incomplete and fragmented.  And through the death and resurrection of Jesus, we find the grace of God putting things back together and renewing all things.

Now, that’s a compelling story to find ourselves a part of.

And everyone is invited.